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A green, healthy and safe operating environment...

In May, 2001, Zijiang Colour Printing invested and newly constructed a modern factory in Shanghai Zijiang Industrial Park. The new factory consists of five manufacturing workshops, namely, printing, lamination, film-blowing&metallising, slitting&bag-making, and pharmaceutical packaging workshop, and an office building, etc., covering a total area of 99,102 square meters. Japan Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Design Corporation provided a concept design to this new factory, which is fully equipped with central air-conditioning system and conforms to the international environment, health &safety requirements, providing a good operating environment and ensuring stability in the quality of our products. In addition, pharmaceutical packaging workshop was designed and constructed according to national 100,000-grade GMP purification standard, which ensures safety & hygiene of pharmaceutical packaging.

Curing room with fully computerized control

Topping high-shelf warehouse system
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